Company Profile

Buzzilla is…

What people are saying about you is Buzzilla's business. We established our company in 2008, founded on the recognition that online conversation has a major impact on your organization’s personnel and activities. Our new set of tools enables you to reap the maximum opportunities from this fascinating modern business reality.

Everyone can benefit from online conversation, thanks to Buzzilla's analysis of the raw data about your organization or company we extract from various social media sites. This is put to use in applications integrated with advanced monitoring and qualitative content research services.

Buzzilla believes…

It’s a simple truth: Insight is at the heart of every successful business idea, whether it’s product development, customer service improvement, branding, advertising campaigns, or anything else that promotes growth.

The Buzzilla approach to acquiring and creating this insight is different. The long questionnaires, two-way mirrors, and in-depth interviews at malls are being left trailing by a new survey method. We listen to what people are saying online, and then organize, analyze, and convert all those facts into valuable, practical information. We then refine and research the data to extract the insights when they are needed, in real time.

Buzzilla develops…

We love innovation and embrace change. Buzzilla keeps pace with the changing reality by continually developing our web-crawling, monitoring and analysis technologies, offering you some of the most advanced solutions of their kind in the world.

Buzzilla technology is specially designed for intensive, scalable, effective web crawling of all the popular social platforms: social networks, forums, blogs, articles, and talkbacks. We use crawling technology to build breakthrough solutions that meet long-term business goals, and also security, financial and many related organizational needs.

Our Brand Monitoring system, for example, serves many leading companies and organizations. Buzzilla’s Data Feed services provide a solution for Brand Monitoring on an international scale, and offer valuable input on security concerns to a variety of organizations.