The Buzzilla Credo

We believe in change.

Madonna has successfully surprised audiences at every performance for 27 years, without ever resorting to a “disappearing act” followed by a “comeback”. Her secret is accurate insight about what people want, together with the courage to go out there and give it to them.

Buzzilla aspires to be another Madonna. We live in a continually changing world and, unless we are constantly reinventing our solutions, we simply will not survive.

We combine science with art.

Technology is an amazing tool. But without the involvement of people, its value is severely compromised. We believe that truthful insights can be discovered and harnessed only by the harmonious combination of technology and people.
Buzzilla pledges to never relinquish one for the other.

We are here to enjoy life.

We do what we love, and we love what we do.

We work for the good guys.

Buzzilla is aiming for less of a "Big Brother" and more of a "Brotherhood" approach. We listen to what people say online about products and services, so that we can help companies better serve their public.

We stay with our clients 24/7.

We have nothing against short-term projects, but business partners benefit more from long-term relationships. Buzzilla clients receive daily support, which gives them the insights to make smart decisions, both small and large.

Something for everyone… almost.

Buzzilla is a good fit for most organizations. But we do not have an answer for every organizational issue, nor does our methodology conform to every possible research question.

We emphasize multi-disciplinary efforts.

Buzzilla team members have expertise in many disciplines: brandname products, marketing strategy, advertising channels, web technology, research tools, social media, sociology, trendology, mathematics, and statistics. But as always, our primary focus is on people.

We don’t settle for fast, easy solutions.

We clarify and assess all our findings. This often results in uncovering hidden, unexpected insights. We know better than to promise instant solutions.

We believe in a simple way.

Although our business is complex, we’re simple people. We admire simplicity and we devote a lot of effort to keeping the complexities behind the scenes: the mathematics, statistics, programming, sociology and whatever. When we meet, you will encounter straightforward, friendly interaction.
(Be careful, you'll probably enjoy it!)

Buzzilla insights are for everyone.

We are proud to say that we are reasonably priced, making our services affordable for all budgets and brands. It's not that we're so generous, it’s just that we want our business model to benefit as many companies as possible.

We relate to the here and now.

We do not believe in delaying gratification for ourselves or our clients. Buzzilla enables you to gather useful insights at the moment they appear, literally "here and now". In more complex research cases, those benefits arrive within a reasonable number of business days.

Short is good.

Mark Twain once said that he was only writing a long letter because he didn’t have the time to write a brief one. Our expertise relates to that problem. It’s easy to get lost in a flood of excess information, so we invest significant time and resources to provide you with summaries that tell you precisely what you need to know.


This is a sound that we love: the “ringtone” of insight. Others call it an "aha moment" or they say "eureka", or just "wow!" The idea is the same: “I've finally understood something, and now I know what to do.” This is our mission – to provide unexpected, precise insight that is new and interesting, without an overwhelming flood of information.

We believe in the web.

Our daily experience of the web revolution has shown us its impact on the lives of people and organizations worldwide. We believe in the power and significance of online conversation, and that’s why we study it so closely.

Our business works.

Buzzilla is not an experimental lab or a game. Analyzing conversation on social networks and monitoring it as it develops leads us to insights that affect businesses in a real, practical manner.