Buzzilla’s Rating Index: The most talked-about Israeli programs online during October 2011

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Globes | November 3, 2011 | Roy Barak

HOT's Asfor series is at the very top of the ratings index for the Israeli TV programs most talked about online during October, despite its new season only beginning toward the end of the month, on October 24.
Another interesting piece of intel relates to the failing fortunes of Channel 2's Keshet, which once frequently dominated the top ten programs with offerings like A Star is Born and MasterChef.

Moreover, Three and Sabri Maranan, known for very high ratings that at times have approached 30% of all viewers, did not make the chart at all during October 2011.

The “chart” referred to is compiled by Buzzilla, a research company that examines the impact of television programs as expressed through online conversations about them.

October was characterized by a significant decline in the number of online discussions about programs in general. The conclusion of successful programs like MasterChef, combined with the Jewish holidays and the release of Gilad Shalit, influenced this reduced conversation.

By way of comparison, the chart's top program during August was La La Land, which generated 3,200 online conversations, and the #10 program Ramzor generated 788 conversations. In contrast, the second season of Asfor only inspired 1,419 conversations this month, while Channel 10's tenth place Marziano's Honor generated only 251 conversations. (The ratings index was not published in September due to the public holidays in Israel.)

The next program in the "1000+ conversations club" was HOT's The Vampire Diaries, which had been starring in these ratings lists for several months already and enjoys an enthusiastic community of young viewers throughout Israel who frequently discuss the series online. Meanwhile, a fierce struggle for the third and fourth spots was taking place between the second season network premiere of the Israeli version of The Amazing Race, broadcast at the end of October, and the YES screening of Glee, which began its third season about a month before The Amazing Race.

YES' series Srugim, which tells the stories of modern orthodox youth in Jerusalem, took fifth place in the chart. An interesting finding was that about 12% of the conversations originated on the sites "Kipa" and "Rotter", which are especially popular with the modern orthodox crowd. Channel 10's new program, HaMeusharot, went straight to 6th place with 421 discussions, mostly criticizing the series and the women who appear in it, but at the same time passionately following every detail of the program.

Two more Channel 10 programs round out the list – 100, in 9th place, and Marziano's Honor in 10th place. The "Talked-About Programs" index, which Buzzilla prepares every month for Globes, is based on the volume of conversations appearing in social media – forums, talkbalks, blogs, statuses, and tweets – about each program.

Based on the number of online conversations.