Buzzilla launches an advertising effectiveness index

Research | 08.10.2011

Our index measures the effectiveness of online advertising activity, based on traffic data to the site hosting the advertising campaign combined with a multitude of conversational factors, in order to track consumer involvement in the campaign.

Today, one of the most important measurements of success in marketing and advertising activity is the level of consumer engagement with the brand. Although there are several research studies examining certain aspects of that engagement, Buzzilla has taken on the challenge of creating a "combined effectiveness index".

This recently-launched index is based on two systems of variables. The first is the traffic data – the consumers who visit the advertising campaign’s website. The second variable includes a wealth of conversational data – all indicators of online discussion among consumers about the campaign. These details in turn cover the volume of online conversation about the campaign, the average number of reactions and participants in every discussion, the sentiment expressed toward the campaign, and the degree of information-sharing in discussions about the campaign.

The unique combination of these two data groups makes it possible to understand the extent of consumer involvement in any given advertising activity, and will become an important indicator of the success of the entire campaign.