Buzzilla News Flashes – A new service for selected clients

Launching | 10.10.2011

Buzzilla News Flashes are a new tool enabling the display of selected web discussions on your homepage in real time. Conversations relating to our clients’ companies and their brand name products are selected by the clients themselves for inclusion on their homepages. These are displayed via a dynamic scroller, similar to the “breaking news” sections on news sites.

Buzzilla is pleased to announce the launch of a new tool for tracking current web discussions about a company and its brand name products, as well as displaying these discussions on the client’s homepage. Buzzilla's clients now have the opportunity to take advantage of today's reality and the many daily conversations about their brands, by sharing some of this information with their consumers and the general public.

Buzzilla News Flashes can be customized to appear on the company homepage, or the product page of a particular brand. It displays a constantly updating scroller of relevant web discussions in real time, similar to the “breaking news” features commonly seen on news sites. The difference here is that the client is the center of attention.

A user-friendly management interface provides complete control over the uploaded content, enabling the client to select only desirable content from statuses, posts, talkbacks and tweets. This Buzzilla feature enables the client to enrich the homepage with visually-oriented interactive information, while enhancing the company's image in terms of being attentive to public opinion. This Flash service can serve the company especially well when the content includes genuine customer testimonials about a positive service experience or a product they love.