“Swamp King” – Buzzilla’s new Israeli media spot with Guy Pines

Media | 04.07.2011

Buzzilla now hosts a weekly segment on the Israeli entertainment show Good Evening with Guy Pines. Every Thursday, we will announce the top 10 Israeli celebrities with the most mentions in the conventional media and social media over the past week.

"They" feed the gossip columns on every Israeli news site, and grease the wheels of the national showbiz industry. "They" are Israel's celebrities: the musicians, artists, publicists, models, singers, and provocateurs who manage to create a buzz around themselves, build a dedicated fan following, and dominate the talk of the town. "They" are the focus of Buzzilla's new media segment on Good Evening with Guy Pines.

Every week, we measure the volume of conversation and the number of times individual celebrities are mentioned on the web. How much did people talk about each of them? What were the main topics relating to that celebrity during the past week?

This is not only a popularity index of who's hot and who's not, but a tool to evaluate the dynamics of media storytelling. It’s important to see when an unfortunate remark or accidental slip of the tongue is forgotten a day later, and when it gathers enough momentum to damage someone’s reputation for a long time to come (like Menachem Ben and Margol). It’s also useful to see how online discussions can suddenly thrust previous unknown personalities (like social activist Dafni Leef) into the spotlight.