• What is social media monitoring?

    Brand Monitoring & Analysis is a method for monitoring and methodically analyzing online conversation as it occurs on forums, blogs, article talkbacks, and social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter. Buzzilla's technology enables advanced extraction and analysis of data gathered from social media, as well as presentation of the findings via a clear, user-friendly graphic interface.

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  • Who needs to monitor what is happening in social media?

    Every person, company or organization operating in a marketing environment can influence online conversation about their brands and products. However, they must also be able to continually track and analyze relevant consumer content: a brand manager can monitor consumer perceptions of his brand in comparison to those of his competitors; a customer service manager can track complaints raised by customers in online forums; a spokesperson can track mentions of the CEO on influential sites; and a research manager can examine the characteristics of the group participating in conversations about a strategic topic for the company. Every piece of relevant information is already out there, in social media, and it is vital to know how to use it.

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  • What does Buzzilla do?

    Buzzilla uses its in-house technology to research consumer content by crawling social media sites that host public conversations. This system enables Buzzilla to provide its clients with exclusive monitoring, analysis and research of conversations and content created by social media users.

    Buzzilla's system enables its clients to continuously and effectively track online conversation, to receive real-time alerts about brand mentions, and to identify threats and opportunities.

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  • What do Buzzilla’s research studies include?

    Conversations in social media that include mentions of a particular product are actually composed of raw data. Extracting deep insights about the consumer from this raw data requires research to deeply examine the conversations and analyze consumer sentiment. This includes identifying the central topics related to the brand in the context of consumer conversation.

    While identification and conversation mapping activities are performed automatically by the system, in-depth analysis of the brand and its competitive environment is conducted by a team of experienced Buzzilla researchers, based on the collected data.

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  • What is the difference between research and monitoring?

    Monitoring enables identification of conversation volume about the product in the long term, and in comparison to relevant competitors in the category. Monitoring the brand through social media makes it possible to receive real-time alerts about each mention of the brand in every forum, blog, talkback or other arena. Research, on the other hand, includes intensive analysis based on monitoring data, enabling the discovery of deep insights about the brand, evaluating its benefits and weaknesses as described by consumers, characterizing the brand's position in relation to competitors, and identifying the opportunities it faces in light of this market analysis.

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  • What is the advantage of web content research vs. surveys and focus groups?

    Consumers communicate online daily about almost every possible topic. Analysis of social media conversation therefore provides a good reflection of consumer moods and perceptions: What do they think about the product? What is their opinion of the recent advertising campaign? How do they perceive the product’s value for money?

    The main advantage of this type of analysis is the authenticity of the gathered data: the consumers, for their part, are simply expressing their opinion in a forum or other social media site. This differs from surveys or focus groups, which are prone to inconsistencies and irregularities, due to flaws in the data gathering method. In addition, the volume of online conversation makes it possible to collect 100,000s of relevant conversations about the brand in real time, which – in essence – comprises all the conversation about the brand during the analysis period, as opposed to traditional research tools which are based on a very limited sample.

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  • Does Buzzilla’s system crawl everything?

    The system continuously crawls sites featuring a bidirectional conversation about the brand with users and consumers, or between these two groups. This means that a corporate site without an active forum or other arena allowing consumers to react and to create their own original content will not be on the list of crawled sites.

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  • Does Buzzilla crawl Twitter and Facebook as well?

    Yes. These two sites are crawled continuously according to their privacy policies. Of course, posts by a user with a private profile will not be crawled, as this would be an invasion of privacy. Buzzilla crawls a wide variety of social networking sites, keeping up-to-date with the newcomers to this dynamic arena.

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