System Features

  • Social Media Search


    We give you access to a search engine that reveals conversations from millions of information sources across the web, providing comprehensive coverage of online content. The scope of our search engine expands daily, with dozens of new sites and sources coming online.

  • Real-Time Alerts


    Buzzilla’s system alerts users to new web discussions on relevant topics. This feature includes fine-tuning of the system via a list of tracked terms that generate alerts for the system interface and email service. The frequency of these alerts can be adjusted as desired: daily,…

  • Buzz Volume Analysis

    Chatter Volume

    Information is extracted from the data pool by focusing on terms specified by the user. This system also enables comparison of conversation volumes relating to a variety of similar or contrasting terms. The results are displayed through interactive graphs that enable easy identification of conversational…

  • Sentiment


    This interface evaluates and tracks the tone of web conversation about the brand (or any other topic) in the public eye. Using the raw data, we have the capacity to produce graphic summaries or itemized timelines, enabling identification of changes in public perception, as shown…

  • Influencer Analysis

    User Segmentation

    This interface sorts online discussions by username in order to locate and identify online opinion leaders.

  • Website Segmentation

    Site Segmentation

    Identifying and displaying the primary conversation arenas relevant to particular topics allows us to extract information that helps our clients improve their campaign targeting.

  • Bubble Context Analysis

    Bubble Context Analysis

    With this interface, the precise context of the client’s predefined topic profile is easily understood. We identify the key terms and topics that pop up again and again in connection with the data being tracked. The results help the client to understand the various related…

  • Dashboard


    Buzzilla’s system has the ability to create a dashboard display that includes several summarized data results. Each display provides the whole range of data and statements relevant to the client.

  • Team Collaboration

    Team Collaboration

    The Buzzilla system empowers different users within the same organization to share information resources and build on one another’s work. This accumulated knowledge is organized in a simple, easily-managed format. The system also enables various authorization levels for access, use and administration, as well as…

  • Engagement Console

    Engagement Console

    This mechanism provides every system user in the organization with real-time management of social media activities: responses to forum comments, follow-up on sales leads, alerts to service requirements, and more. The system provides documentation of all operations performed, along with status updates and task-sharing delegated…

  • Automatic Reports


    Buzzilla’s system generates graphic displays that show a range of summarized data results. These reports can be customized to match users’ unique needs, and the system can distribute them automatically to regular recipients inside and outside the organization.

  • Data Mining

    Data Mining

    Buzzilla’s flexible system enables users to export search results so that they can be integrated in company reports, undergo additional analyses using other statistical programs, be added as updates to existing graphs, and more.