C/Campaign – Marketing Process Analysis

Marketing processes fuel the commercial activity of every company and organization. Advertising, public relations, offline, online, events, sales promotions… together they constitute a comprehensive process taking the organization toward its goals. The success of this marketing process depends on the success of its many parameters – clarity of the message, precise identification of the target group, media selection, degree of engagement and many other factors carefully woven together for maximum efficacy.

How do we evaluate the performance of this complex process? By listening to what people are saying. Buzzilla's C/Campaign uses state-of-the-art methodology to analyze web conversation before, during and after a campaign. This intel generates a deeper understanding of the groups the campaign has successfully reached, the messages relayed, the popularity of various parts of the process, conversation volume about the brand, and many other factors.

This research method does not require separate assessments to cover different time periods, because web conversation history enables us to go back in time and check every relevant period – including comparisons with previous campaigns. The end result is greater power to analyze a marketing process after it has concluded, as well as a foundation to plan the next marketing process.

To reflect and analyze the effects of a marketing process through online conversation in the brand's environment.

Brand Tracking research includes:

  • Analysis of all conversation parameters during the relevant period (before, during and after the marketing campaign)
  • Identification of key topics in consumer conversations, about the brand in general and the campaign in particular
  • Characterization of dominant groups in the conversation, and comparison of specified target groups affected by the campaign
  • Mapping of influencers in the marketing campaign
  • Analysis to provide deeper understanding of messages
  • Insights and operational conclusions for implementation, which will be used to plan the continuation of the campaign, or the next campaign