C/Rating – TV Format Analysis

The television experience does not end with viewing – it often makes its way to web conversation, where viewers express their opinions about the program, its participants, the plot, the format, and every other possible aspect. Conversation about television programs has essentially become an alternative ratings index.

Analysis of television formatting enables program content managers to more deeply understand the degree of interest (or lack thereof) generated by a specific show, and the factors making it popular or unpopular. This understanding serves as an effective basis for planning and evaluating both existing and proposed broadcast content.

To examine online conversation about a designated television program, in order to assess viewer ratings and perceptions of the program’s format.

Brand Tracking research includes:

  • Analysis of all conversation parameters throughout the relevant period (before, during and after the broadcast)
  • Identification of central subjects of viewer conversation, about the program in general and specific components in particular
  • Characterization of dominant conversation groups, and comparison with the program's predefined target viewers
  • Mapping of influencers, and analysis of their involvement in the various arenas
  • Insights and operational conclusions for implementation, to guide plans in the continuation of the season, or for a future season