Dedicated Platform

The Dedicated Platform by Buzzilla enables seamless integration of our Data Extraction technology with the existing systems in large organizations. The solution efficiently and securely installs the Buzzilla system in the client's data processing environment, and incorporates our integrative applications with the full ensemble of software systems used by the organization.

The Dedicated Platform works with Buzzilla’s identification and social media site-crawling technology to cover blogs, social network sites (Facebook), microblogs (Twitter), articles and video sites. The system also crawls forums, groups and message boards – all of which are considered to be very challenging in terms of extracting information.

Our system then converts the raw data into a fixed format (date, topic and reactions, usernames, categories, etc.), thereby enabling efficient, rapid access to data and analysis.

Advantages of the Dedicated Platform system:

  • Multi-platform support
  • Easy integration in PC work stations
  • Duplicate content recognition and management
  • Parallel computing for rapid extraction and content processing
  • Optional installation on several servers independently, for enhanced effectiveness
  • Central management system for development and checking of parsers
  • Monitoring mechanism to warn about problems in the system
  • "Polite System" features:
    • The system waits for a minimum gap between requests for every domain
    • The system identifies and tracks robots.txt
  • Sophisticated extraction and information crawling to save on bandwidth usage
  • Ability to analyze activity patterns and statistics, extracting data and metadata from documents and sites in order to improve work processes
  • Possibility of easily and simply adding new parsers during system operation