F/People – Target Group Mapping

What do they need? This is the most basic question you can ask about your target audience on a daily basis.

In the complex world of customer relations, companies must get to know and understand consumers in order to optimally respond to their needs.

This familiarity should extend beyond the needs related to the specific products or services that the companies provide. Like in any good relationship, companies need to know their consumers in a broader sense – from a variety of perspectives and contexts. This deeper knowledge enables companies to better anticipate consumer expectations, desires and needs.

Target Group Mapping research allows us to delve into the world of a specific target group, in order to comprehensively understand its members. Their needs, aspirations, fears, loves and manner of talking are just a few of the characteristics that can be identified when their conversation is analyzed through in-depth research.

To understand what characterizes the target group by analyzing its web conversation.

Target Group Mapping research includes:

  • Focused identification of conversation arenas and specific target group conversations
  • Characterization of areas of interest, the nature of the conversation and the actual participants
  • Description and segmentation of arenas of activity: forums, blogs, Facebook, Twitter and talkbacks
  • Characterization of brand terminology in the different groups: expressions that appear in their conversation
  • Understanding of the perceptions that arise regarding the brand and its competitors
  • Presentation of operational conclusions and insights for implementation, including segmentation of the target group by behavioral and psychographic factors