F/Subject – Subject or Category Mapping

The brand exists in a defined market category, surrounded by a particular content environment. Understanding that environment is an important exercise that reveals the opportunities and threats touching on the relevant subject or category.

For example, what are viewers' perceptions about TV reality shows? What recent changes have there been in consumer attitudes toward basic products? What are the main topics relating to pregnancy? These are the kinds of questions that can be answered with intensive mapping of a category or subject.

Research for mapping purposes is designed to provide a deeper view of both the brand and the company's wider environment. Buzzilla makes it possible to see the structure of conversation on the subject, and to identify opportunities, threats, trends, relevant language and other characteristics for more precise, effective marketing activity.

To map and characterize the conversation on a predefined topic, as well as the context provided by a predefined category.

Subject or Category Mapping research includes:

  • Focused identification of conversation arenas and specific conversation on the designated subject
  • Characterization of conversation elements
  • Description of activity in the full range of social media arenas: forums, blogs, Facebook, Twitter and talkbacks
  • Characterization of terminology on the topic (expressions used when discussing the subject)
  • Mapping of sub-topics stemming from the target subject
  • Identification of dominant groups and influencers on the subject