F/Trend – Trend Mapping

Marketing managers make tactical decisions every day, but ensuring strategic success over the long term requires a deeper understanding of trends. Is the local automotive market really ready to embrace an electric car? To what extent is online streaming of TV programs threatening cable and satellite companies? What does it take to restore the credibility of a financial institution suspected of misconduct in the past?

Answering such questions requires the detection of hidden trends, which go beyond the length of customer lines or daily earnings.

Trend Identification is Buzzilla's research tool, which is designed to strengthen a company’s strategic planning. It uncovers new topics that are gaining in popularity, and makes note of those that are fading. This type of research also reveals changing consumer opinions on existing topics, helping businesses to understand how consumer perceptions of the brand have been formed in the past, and how current changes evident in online conversation may influence their perceptions in the coming months.

To identify current trends in consumer conversation that are likely to affect the market in the future.

Trend Mapping research includes:

  • Customized research for each company, based on a 3-12 month assessment
  • Identification of new topics appearing in consumer conversation, in addition to others that have faded in prominence
  • Analysis of context fields for each parameter in the study (brand, category, or general fields such as "health")
  • Identification of frequently repeated terms and their connection to consumer opinions
  • Quantitative and qualitative analysis of groups and conversation arenas: who is speaking, on which type of site, and about which subjects