R/Topic – Topic Focus Report

Ongoing organizational activity is often affected by events that change the assumptions originally driving the activity. At such a time, it’s vital to receive all the relevant information in an efficient, concise form in order to fully understand the event, respond properly, and take action in a timely manner.

The Topic Focus Report is designed with these priorities in mind. It includes a summary of conversation pertaining to the designated subject, how much people spoke about it, primary content of the conversation, segmentation of conversation arenas and the participating groups, as well as the opinions expressed on the topic and the reasons behind them. The report also relates to influential individuals and groups commenting on the subject under analysis, when and if it is relevant.

  • Summary of the primary events revealed in the conversation
  • Display of contextual conversation volume during the specified period
  • Qualitative analysis of the main conversation contents
  • Segmentation of conversation volume by active arenas (forums, blogs, social networks, articles)
  • Identification of the main groups that participated in conversation
  • Main conclusions drawn from analysis of conversation on the chosen topic