Buzzilla’s Methodology: Advantages

Listen. Understand. Act.

1. We work in real time.
Companies previously conducted their research using quarterly or annual surveys based on a consumer sample. Today they can ‘test the water’ as they take shape, several times a day instead of just a few times a year. The result is instant, near-real time identification of changes in the brand-scape. Pinpointing the most urgent subjects enables rapid responses – before the competition can react.

2. We don’t need to ask questions.
Social media is an awesome human laboratory, where we can discover what consumers really think, as they provide their thoughts freely, without any intervention. Opinions given online are authentic in their spontaneity, unlike the guarded, polished statements provided under the microscope of a focus group.

3. We relate to the real issues.
Web conversations expose real-world opinions and positions, revealing the consumers' degree of emotional involvement with every issue. Following individual threads can be fascinating, but the true potential of social media research is through in-depth analysis of conversations, trend spotting, and extracting genuine insight.

4. We travel back in time.
Buzzilla's system documents every discussion that has been published via social media over the past 3-5 years. Even older information can often be of great value today, showing how consumers have reacted to a long-term marketing process or a negative event in a company’s history, helping managers plan future strategies accordingly.