The Buzzilla Methodology

Listen. Understand. Act.

At any given moment, consumers are talking to each other on the web: comparing, asking, debating, fantasizing… The conversation is sometimes passionate and sometimes informative, but there is always conversation that's relevant to your business. This is the conversation you need to know about.

Social media is a goldmine of business information. You’ve probably heard that before. The trick is to know how to collect that information efficiently and identify the opportunities hidden within. And that's where our innovative tools come into the picture.

Buzzilla's products are designed to reveal something new about the consumer. Each tool approaches the task from a different perspective: mapping the topics that engage the consumer, tracking shifts in brand perception, measuring enthusiasm in consumer feedback... But there's one thing that all of our products have in common – our research methodology, and we're pretty obsessive about it.

Buzzilla's Brand Monitoring System crawls through cyberspace 24/7, collecting millions of responses to articles, forum posts, and blogs in every imaginable field, as well as status updates from social networks across the board. Everything is stored and documented. But it’s never enough; we also continuously update our data pool with newly launched sites, and track them as well.

This data pool is the raw material we use to conduct our pioneering social media research. Conversation topics, the most active arenas, segmenting communities and participants, consumer sentiment, both positive and negative, and volume of activity over time are all analyzed quantitatively and qualitatively by our skilled researchers, who use state-of-the art analysis tools in their quest to distill useful, relevant findings from the raw data.

Insights & Conclusions
Every study is designed to uncover new insights about the brand and its consumers, leading to actionable conclusions and suggestions. Our products, ranging from well-defined monitoring reports to in-depth research, paint an invaluable picture of the market for decision-makers.