T/Subject – Periodic Subject Tracking

Sometimes, one critical topic needs special focus so that we can closely track the profound changes taking place within. This topic might be the perception of the product's price, a group specified as a strategic focal point, or a particular type of complaint that is proving to be a significant risk factor. These are all sensitive points that can mean success or failure for the brand.

Periodic Subject Tracking research focuses on that critical topic during the decisive period, tracking the relevant conversation over time. This reveals which people are talking about the topic, as well as the conversation intensity and volume. The research is based on a combination of quantitative and qualitative analysis, focusing on identifying the threats and opportunities revealed through consumer conversation.

The information and insights are collected in a bottom-line periodic report by Buzzilla, which includes ongoing characterization of the designated topic as it appears in online conversation, together with recommendations for action and critical points that require immediate improvement.

To track a specific topic, associated public perceptions, and participants in the conversation over a given time period.

Periodic Subject Tracking research includes:

  • Continuous monitoring of consumer conversation about the chosen subject in relation to the brand
  • Analysis of the factors generating negative and positive conversation about this subject
  • Mapping of the primary subjects of conversation and characterizing the active groups for every subject
  • Presentation of a consolidated list of operational conclusions based on research findings
  • A tracking report submitted once per period, presenting the trends and changes that have occurred during this period