Case Studies

  • SMILE 012

    Buzzilla conducted an innovative research study for the Israeli telecommunications giant SMILE 012, enabling the company to gain a better understanding of its customers’ needs by studying their conversations about the brand online. SMILE 012 swiftly moved to make the appropriate changes to its service system, resulting in a dramatic increase in customer satisfaction.

  • Case Study: Family Cars – Mazda 3

    The leading models in the family car market are all broadly similar. However, Buzzilla’s cutting-edge research revealed markedly different public perceptions of the Mazda 3 in comparison to the Toyota Corolla and Ford Focus. This study led to a surprising insight: young drivers displayed a clear preference for the Mazda 3.

  • Case Study: Big Brother

    In the week before the dramatic season finale of the Israeli Big Brother reality show, Buzzilla conducted online research that successfully predicted the final order of evictions. This research study, which analyzed the volume of conversation about each contestant, as well as opinions expressed about them on the web, was publicized on the popular entertainment show Good Evening with Guy Pines a full 48 hours before the finale aired – and Buzzilla’s predictions were 100% correct!

  • Case Study: Hi-Tech Recruitment

    One of Israel’s largest hi-tech companies recruited Buzzilla to analyze the needs of potential employees. Buzzilla’s targeted findings enabled the company’s HR department to better understand the factors applicants take into account when deciding whether to take a job, as well as considering the company’s positioning in the job market relative to its competitors, and discovering ways of making the recruitment process more efficient.