Case Study: Family Cars – Mazda 3

Analysis of the brand name product and its environment - T/Brand

We analyzed the family car category in Israel, where the Mazda 3 appeared to be the unrivalled leader in terms of both conversation volume and positive sentiment. Conversations also revealed that its main competition comes from the Ford Focus and Toyota Corolla.

Motivating factors included car features such as reliability, good driving experience, and stylish design. However, in other areas the Mazda 3 was seen as lacking in comparison to the competition, such as a spacious backseat, being too commonplace (everybody has one!), and comparatively higher fuel consumption. Mazda's real advantage comes from its wide market arena – while it was expected that people with families would be interested in this car, it was more surprising to discover that young drivers were not only interested in the Mazda 3, but influencing the buying decision within their families.

One explanation could be the fact that these drivers, usually around 17-18 years old, are powerful influencers in their homes – if their parents must buy a family car, at least it can be the most stylish one. In addition, they are interested in the car's performance and driving experience. (And yes, the stereotype is correct this time – it was mostly men who were participating in these conversations.)