• Studying Women in 2010

    For an entire year, Buzzilla tracked conversations among Israeli women, analyzing the main conversation topics as well as attitudes toward careers, family, fashion, and other subjects. One of the key findings was that motherhood was always at the heart of the conversation, even when the topic was ostensibly about financial management or nutrition.

  • The Laptop Market

    Buzzilla’s mapping research analyzed consumer attitudes to the leading laptop brands, and segmented the various target audiences. The findings included the realization that the HP brand was perceived as reliable and high quality, but not powerful enough for young gamers.

  • Trend Analysis – Launching the iPhone

    In the months surrounding the launch of the iPhone, Buzzilla examined consumers’ perceptions regarding the phone’s various distribution channels: Mobile operators, private stores, secondhand purchasing, and direct purchase from abroad. The finding: the main obstacle mobile operators faced was the price.