Customer Service

The Goal: To “be there” for the customer, with high availability, expertise, and quality of service.

We all know that consumer patience is constantly being eroded. When they encounter a problem, customers expect readily available, professional service. The key to excelling in customer service is knowing how to rapidly identify the problems, as well as understanding the type of customer you are dealing with.

In the past, service centers have passively waited for customers to call. But even the most aggressive customers do not really enjoy contacting a service center; they prefer being contacted on the company's own initiative.

Today, centers can identify customers online as soon as they request information or complain about a problem via Twitter, Facebook, a forum, or any other conversation arena. Buzzilla's data collection divisions can map these conversations and alert the company to current customer hotspots, enabling the service center to initiate contact with dissatisfied customers before they register an actual complaint. This procedural upgrade not only significantly saves valuable time and reduces customer frustration, but greatly enhances a customer’s service experience and contributes to the company's credibility.

Showing clear understanding of customers offers them a standard of service they had not anticipated. This is an ideal condition that makes it possible to reconnect with the customer.

From the Smile 012 Case Study
Conversation Sentiment Segmentation:

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