Human Resource Development

The Goal: To understand prospective employees' preferences.

Today, social networks provide consumers with almost every useful piece of information they could possibly want: updates on apartments for lease, entertainment recommendations, and a host of other leads. They are also how thousands of job seekers find out about vacant positions. "Send me a private e-mail" has become the signature for hundreds of informal help-wanted messages online.

Companies that content themselves with paying for traditional help-wanted ads are ignoring an active arena where news of an open position travels quickly by word-of-mouth. In social networks, the hiring company is also a focus for information exchange: the terms it offers, the work environment, and what special requirements their prospective employees need to meet.

Using Buzzilla’s research tools, the web can become a litmus test that detects and evaluates the company's recruitment abilities in real time. Information users provide on social networks and employment forums provides all kinds of vital insights: the company's position in the job market, which incentives and motivators will attract high quality manpower, and the sought-after secret of how prospective employees make their decisions.

From a Hi-Tech Recruitment Case Study
Target group mapping research that enabled the HR department to understand the applicants’ considerations and increase the efficiency of their recruitment process:

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