Market Research

The Goal: A better understanding of the consumer.

Once we know the consumer, the way to reach our goal becomes clear. The goal of Buzzilla's marketing division is to get to know as much as possible about both current and potential customers. What do they like? What are their aspirations and interests? What do they think about you and your company? Every scrap of information will help you to plan and redesign your activities in order to achieve better bottom-line results.

Marketing researchers invest great effort in quantitative research, in-depth interviews, panel studies and focus groups, trying to answer every conceivable question. But the only set of tools that actually provides significant, in-depth insight – including questions, ideas, and subtle trends we might not have even thought to ask about – is social media research. This process is based on qualitative content analysis of what people are saying on the web in real time.

Buzzilla has the capacity to derive these insights from people conversing through social media (forums, articles, social networks, and talkbacks), because that’s where they voluntarily share exactly what irritates them, what makes them happy, and many other vital facts we could never find out any other way. Social media research brings us closer than ever to a good understanding of our target audiences.

From Tracking Research on the family car category in Israel
Conversation Analysis of the Mazda 3:

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