Marketing Communications

The Goal: Understanding how the consumer views a marketing campaign.

Marketing processes are becoming more complex by the day. Gone are the days when deciding on the message and the medium covered all the bases. Today, advertising departments need to apply a comprehensive marketing toolkit to every campaign: above-the-line and below-the-line advertising, interactive, social media, mobile… the list gets longer with each popular media innovation. Information flows in all directions, and like every other activity, marketing feedback is expressed immediately via conversation in the web's many social arenas.

Today’s marketing campaigns generate conversation about the campaign's message, the brand in general, and even the product category as a whole. Buzzilla's analytical tools enable us to both monitor the feedback and plan responses. We measure a campaign's effect in real time, analyzing its effectiveness and influence on the brand, as well as its impact on the market.

From Tracking Research on the banking category in Israel
Leumi Bank Conversation Study: