What Consumers Really Need

Insight is at the heart of every business concept, activity, and change. It’s a rare, powerful, and highly sought-after commodity that points the way to the real factors that motivate consumer behavior. This insight can take the form of a sudden idea for a new product, a revolution in customer service, or an innovative advertising idea.

The inspiration for insight can be found wherever consumers converse – blogs, talkbacks, forums, social networks, and any other site that gives them the opportunity to make themselves heard. The vast data pool of online conversation contains rough diamonds of insight that are just waiting to be extracted, cut and polished.

At Buzzilla, our ongoing quest is to improve our understanding of the public through studying social media. We continuously listen, evaluate, and analyze social media content, exposing new truths about consumers for our clients on a daily basis.

The insights sought by advertisers are different from those sought by sales managers, research personnel, or marketing VPs. They all want to learn about the consumer, but from a different angle. Buzzilla constructs the tools each of them requires, along with the methods that facilitate a better understanding of what the consumer really wants.

Come with us and discover how these solutions can serve every marketing sector, including yours: Market Research, Marketing Communications, Customer Service, Research and Development Analysis, Human Resource Development, Public Relations Tracking, Sales Business Intelligence, Agencies, Homeland Security.