Public Relations Tracking

The Goal: To always have a finger on the pulse of public opinion.

PR specialists live to discover opportunities for positive exposure, as well as to intercept the dangers of negative exposure. They also hope to anticipate trends that can be harnessed to help their organization, or trends that can be avoided as a likely threat.

The digital arena presents a huge challenge from this standpoint due to the ever-expanding numbers of sites and conversation arenas that need to be tracked. Complicating matters, every article and person can say whatever they want and gain public exposure for their ideas.

Buzzilla's monitoring system enables real-time tracking and analysis of relevant arenas. Buzzilla's research methodologies enable anticipation of the important trends, while paying more attention to threads that truly pose a potential opportunity or threat.

From “The Most Talked about People Online” Index
Measuring the conversation on social networks about the social protests – August 2011:

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