Sales Business Intelligence

The Goal: To know the client even before the first meeting.

Experienced salespeople hone their skills to reach the right customer at the right time, with the right product at the right price – and then to help him understand that this product is the right choice. In the battle to get to that goal, the best weapon is knowledge. When you know the obstacles to closing a sale in advance, you come to a meeting armed with a winning answer and a solution that will dissolve any resistance.

Consumer research studies by Buzzilla map out perceptions and points of resistance evident on the web, providing your sales division with a detailed profile of the consumer arena: what is important to them about the product, how they perceive different competitors, what fears tend to delay the purchasing process. This information enables companies to not only know who the customers are, but to really get acquainted with them, understand what motivates them, and connect with them in-depth.

Buzzilla's consumer profiling product is designed for mapping areas of interest, types of conversation and numbers of participants.

Module for monitoring and segmentation of users and identification of the leading opinion makers in the Brand Monitoring system.